How to reduce AWS costs using machine learning driven EBS IOPS provisioning

Elastic Block Store (EBS) is an AWS service providing raw block-level storage volume that can be attached to Amazon EC2 instances. There are two major categories: SSD-backed storage and HDD-backed storage. The performance of SSD-backed storage for transactional workloads such … Read More

FittedCloud AWS EBS Optimizer for Docker Containers

  As container technology matures and becomes widely accepted, users are increasingly looking for ways to share persistent data storage to satisfy their enterprise workloads such as stateful databases.  Docker and REX-Ray have both grown in popularity as useful solutions … Read More

How to optimize AWS EBS using LVM and reduce cost

How to optimize AWS EBS using LVM and reduce cost An often overlooked fact about cloud block-storage cost is that most cloud block-storage volumes are over-provisioned to the maximum anticipated size required by the application. This means users are paying … Read More