AWS EBS Cost Optimization

Completely Automated and Transparent
Reduce your cloud storage cost by up to 50%

FittedCloud EBS Optimizer automatically and transparently manages EBS storage so that you only pay for the storage capacity or performance used by applications. As you may know on AWS, you are charged for the EBS resources provisioned and not for what is used. For example, if you provision a 1TB EBS volume and use only 100GB, you are still charged for 1TB capacity. If you configure a provisioned IOPS (IO1) volume capable of 5,000 IOPS and use only 1,000 IOPS, you are still charged for 5,000 IOPS.

Using FittedCloud results in substantial savings in storage infrastructure cost. EBS Optimization provides support for all EBS storage types – gp2, magnetic (standard), sc1, st1 and io1. Potential cost savings across all supported resources is shown in the FittedCloud Dashboard.

EBS optimization supports AWS “Elastic Volumes”. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze IOPS usage for applications. The solution manages IOPS provisioning automatically. It can also provide recommendations for optimizing IOPS and the flexibility to manually schedule it.


EBS Automated Transparent Capacity Optimization

FittedCloud EBS Capacity Optimizer uses a patented technology to monitor your environment and matches provisioning with utilization automatically and transparently. All you need is to install the software and the software takes care of the rest. No application disruptions or down time. Completely lights out operations.

Thin provisioned EBS volumes can be created that will grow or shrink with your application utilization.

EBS Machine Learning Driven IOPS Optimization

FittedCloud EBS IOPS Optimizer uses machine learning algorithms to learn usage patterns of your workloads and sets up IOPS provisioning in a most optimum way. Optimization is done automatically and does not require user action or application downtime. There is no need to install any software on your instances. Ceiling and floor settings are available for environments and workloads that need to operate within upper or lower bounds.



EBS User Policy Driven IOPS Optimization

For predictable workloads, policies can be created manually to manage IOPS provisioning. For e.g. set IOPS at 10000 at 8am on Monday mornings, lower it to 1000 at 5pm. Schedules can be set for weekdays and weekends.

EBS Optimizer for Docker Containers

FittedCloud EBS Solutions support thin-provisioned persistent EBS storage for Docker containers through the REX-Ray libStorage framework. REX-Ray is an open source storage management solution designed to support container runtimes such as Docker and Mesos. Customers can immediately save money by provisioning the correct, needed amount of storage without overpaying for unused space. Docker volume plugins enable containers to be integrated with external storage systems, such as Amazon EBS and enable data volumes to persist beyond the lifetime of a single host. This means that a volume can be made available on any host that a container is started on.


Key Features

Supports Amazon “Elastic Volumes”

Automated capacity provisioning(GP2, SC1, ST1, Magnetic). Scale up and down

Machine learning driven automated performance provisioning (IO1). Scale up and down

Simple non-disruptive/real time installation. No need to stop applications

Real-time reports on utilization for management, compliance, cost savings

Support for existing environments. No application, file system or configuration changes

Support for new environments. Allows creation of thin provisioned disks. Grow storage volumes completely on demand

Support for multiple operating systems

EBS Optimization Solution Brief