AWS Real time Anomaly Detection

Your eye on Resource provisioning - Real time monitoring to prevent unintended or malicious resource creations

In today’s connected world, chances of intrusion and malicious attacks are constant. Public cloud environments, such as AWS, are not immune either. For example, if a company‚Äôs identity and access management (IAM) keys get exposed or stolen they can be used by an attacker to create a large number of public cloud compute and storage resources that can cause financial harm. Unfortunately, there are no mechanisms that exist in public cloud infrastructures to prevent such a malicious act.

Human or programming errors in automation scripts can also cause abnormal changes to resource provisioning. These types of errors can create a significant number of resources not only causing direct financial harm but also restricting resources needed for mission critical applications.

FittedCloud Anomaly Detection Solution watches resource utilizations in a near real-time manner, identifies anomalies using sophisticated machine learning algorithms and alert customers so that such attacks or mistakes can be prevented.

Features & Customer Benefits

Anomaly details with visualization

Simple and easy to configure

Highest accuracy with low/no noise

Email alerts to warn customers

Monitor Amazon EC2, EBS, S3 resources

Root cause analysis of anomalies

Sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms

Near real-time analysis