Key Benefits

Reduce Cost | Improve Efficiency | Manage Risk

“Public clouds have transformed the way businesses deploy and manage their applications. Cost management has become a huge challenge for customers. A new market is emerging for dynamic cloud resource management to help customers realize the true potential of elastic clouds. FittedCloud is in the forefront of leading this technology wave, helping customers achieve significant cost savings”

– Duncan McCallum

Reduce Cost

Public cloud providers charge their customers based on the amount of infrastructure provisioned, not what is actually used. Organizations typically tend to provision their infrastructure to the maximum as an insurance policy. FittedCloud solutions solve this problem by constantly monitoring and matching the infrastructure with the actual application needs. Use cases exist where customers could save up to 50% of their infrastructure cost using FittedCloud.

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Improve Efficiency

There are many solutions in the market which monitor and report the application resource usage in real time but they lack the capability of dynamically optimizing those resources. As your infrastructure grows it becomes cumbersome, time consuming and inefficient to perform these tasks manually. FittedCloud uses machine learning algorithms to both identify optimization opportunities and act on them in real time. FittedCloud also provides the ability to drive optimizations based on policies. The real value comes from the human-machine intelligence FittedCloud provides to dynamically optimize cloud resources.

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Manage Risk

Manual optimization of resources introduces the opportunity for human error, which leads to misconfigurations. This can have a major impact on businesses running mission-critical applications in the cloud. FittedCloud can also identify any rogue or abandoned instances which could lead to security risks. FittedCloud solves these problem through automation based on proven machine learning algorithms.

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