8 New Features Recently Announced by AWS That Help Reduce Spend

We’re always on the alert for new angles to save money on cloud services, which is often exciting and sometimes challenging, considering the pace at which providers introduce new services. AWS continues to announce new features on a daily basis … Read More

AWS EBS Performance – Confused?

  Updated on May 15, 2018 AWS EBS performance is bit of a mystery to many customers, especially to those not familiar with many factors that impact storage performance. Often customers provision PIOPS EBS volumes to achieve guaranteed performance and … Read More

AWS EBS Optimization Use Case: Migrating from LVM

AWS EBS Optimization Use Case: Migrating from LVM Traditionally a UNIX file system capacity is rigid, usually determined at its creation time, and not easily stretchable.  This has largely improved since as most modern Linux file systems can be grown … Read More

An Open Source Tool to analyze wasted EBS capacity in your AWS environment

While AWS CloudWatch provides many useful storage statistics by default, such as the number of bytes written or read during a period of time, reads/writes per second, etc. a common metric customers want to know about is disk utilization. How … Read More

How to reduce the size of EBS Windows boot volume in AWS?

In a previous blog I demonstrated the steps to reduce the root EBS volume size of a Amazon Linux EC2 instance.  Recently I have been asked to do it on a Windows Server instance. With minor tweaks to the steps … Read More

De-mystifying AWS Cloudwatch metrics for EBS IOPS

If you use AWS EBS extensively, I’m  sure you have often scratched your head trying to figure out its performance metrics. We wrote a couple of blogs (and see this) on this a while back and tried to explain why … Read More

Is LVM still relevant in cloud?

When I was first introduced to the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) in the 90s I was fascinated by its concept of mix-and-matching physical disk drives and transforming them into virtual devices (stripes, mirror, RAID) with a multitude of add-on services … Read More

How to get around the 8GB limit on root volumes in AWS?

  On AWS, when an EC2 instance is first launched its root volume size is determined by the AMI’s backing snapshot.  For example, an Amazon Linux AMI will result in a 8GB root volume being created.  At launch, the root … Read More

How to shrink EBS root volumes in AWS – with just one click

Reducing a EBS root volume in size has always been a pain point for AWS users.  Many EC2 instances are created with oversized root volumes which leads to waste, not only to the root volumes themselves but also their derivatives … Read More

FittedCloud Assigned Patent on Public Cloud Cost Optimization

We are excited to announce that FittedCloud just received another patent on transparent and automated optimization of storage resource allocation in a cloud services system.The newly issued patent further solidifies FittedCloud’s thought and market leadership in public cloud cost optimization. … Read More

FittedCloud Enhances Actionable Advisories to Help Enterprise Customers and MSPs save More in AWS Cloud

We are excited to announce  many enhancements to FittedCloud’s popular Actionable Advisories, which are integral to our AWS Cost Optimization solution. FittedCloud offers both semi-automated and fully automated cloud resource optimization. Actionable Advisories, which are our semi-automated cost optimization feature, … Read More

How to reduce AWS costs using machine learning driven EBS IOPS provisioning

Elastic Block Store (EBS) is an AWS service providing raw block-level storage volume that can be attached to Amazon EC2 instances. There are two major categories: SSD-backed storage and HDD-backed storage. The performance of SSD-backed storage for transactional workloads such … Read More

FittedCloud’s Enhanced Amazon EC2 and EBS Optimization Solutions Reduce Cloud Infrastructure Costs by Up to 50 Percent

FittedCloud’s Enhanced Amazon EC2 and EBS Optimization Solutions Reduce Cloud Infrastructure Costs by Up to 50 Percent New machine learning algorithms and comprehensive views of AWS environments provide customers real-time intelligence and options to optimize their cloud infrastructures ACTON, Mass. … Read More

400,000+ IOPS on an 8 GB gp2 volume?

While coding FittedCloud’s open-source EBS Cost Analyzer tool (https://github.com/FittedCloud/ebscostanalyzer/) I noticed some peculiar values for IOPS when fetching CloudWatch statistics for the maximum values of the VolumeReadOps and VolumeWriteOps metrics.  Specifically, I noticed an 8GB gp2 volume, which is capped … Read More

AWS Elastic Volumes and FittedCloud EBS Optimizer

AWS released a new Amazon EBS feature called Elastic Volumes last year. This new feature supports the following capabilities. Dynamic capacity increase Dynamic IOPS changes (increase or decrease) Change volume types (for e.g. gp2 to st1 or sc1) All of … Read More

FittedCloud AWS EBS Optimizer for Docker Containers

  As container technology matures and becomes widely accepted, users are increasingly looking for ways to share persistent data storage to satisfy their enterprise workloads such as stateful databases.  Docker and REX-Ray have both grown in popularity as useful solutions … Read More

An Open Source AWS EBS Cost Analyzer

When creating EBS volumes, it’s difficult to predict what will be required of them in the future.  The thought process goes like this: “How many volumes will I need?  What type of volume should I use?  How big should they … Read More

EBSMotion – Live migration of AWS EBS volumes

AWS EBS is a popular block storage solution used by applications that require reliable storage performance. AWS offers various types of EBS such as gp2, io1, st1, sc1 and magnetic. Each offer different performance and cost characteristics. Magnetic (based on … Read More

FittedCloud announces EBSMotion, live migration of AWS EBS Volumes

We are happy to announce ‘EBSMotion’, live migration of AWS EBS volumes.  EBSMotion allows customers to migrate AWS EBS volumes live from one EBS type to another with no application disruptions or configuration changes.  EBSMotion is offered as part of … Read More

Is it possible to use EBS gp2 instead of io1, achieve same performance and save 50%?

The answer is YES!  Read on to find out how you can potentially save 50% on your AWS EBS IO1 volumes, without losing any performance. If you are not familiar with various types of EBS volumes, please check this page … Read More