8 New Features Recently Announced by AWS That Help Reduce Spend

We’re always on the alert for new angles to save money on cloud services, which is often exciting and sometimes challenging, considering the pace at which providers introduce new services. AWS continues to announce new features on a daily basis … Read More

Machine-learning driven Optimization outperforms Auto Scaling in DynamoDB capacity management

DynamoDB is a fully managed, high performance, highly scalable NoSQL database service offered by AWS.  DynamoDB offers virtually unlimited performance and storage capacity and supports dynamic scaling. One of the challenges with using DynamoDB is provisioning read/write capacity. Under provisioning … Read More

FittedCloud Enhances Actionable Advisories to Help Enterprise Customers and MSPs save More in AWS Cloud

We are excited to announce  many enhancements to FittedCloud’s popular Actionable Advisories, which are integral to our AWS Cost Optimization solution. FittedCloud offers both semi-automated and fully automated cloud resource optimization. Actionable Advisories, which are our semi-automated cost optimization feature, … Read More

FittedCloud joins AWS Partner Network (APN) as Technology Partner and offers solutions on AWS Marketplace

FittedCloud expanding its reach by joining APN & AWS Marketplace providing its solutions in the Marketplace Acton, MA <November 7th, 2016> – FittedCloud, a leading provider of machine learning based Dynamic Resource Optimization solutions for public clouds announces today that … Read More

How to reduce AWS cost using machine learning driven DynamoDB provisioning

Background Amazon DynamoDB is a fully managed NoSQL database service that provides extremely fast and predictable performance with seamless scalability. There is no minimum fee, and customers pay a flat, hourly rate based on the provisioned capacity. For example, for … Read More

FittedCloud introduces new Dynamic Resource Optimization solutions for AWS based on Machine Learning

DynamoDB Optimization and newly enhanced Compute Optimization solutions using machine learning algorithms to provide real-time intelligence & optimization based on usage patterns Acton, MA <October 11th, 2016> – FittedCloud, leading provider of Dynamic Resource Optimization solutions for public clouds announces … Read More