Customer Case Study

Smarter Agent finds AWS cost savings faster using FittedCloud

Customer Case Study: Smarter Agent

Smarter Agent Mobile is the most widely used mobile SaaS platform in the real estate space.  The firm helps real estate companies and their agents make the transition to a fast-growing mobile world.  It provides access to a single unified SaaS platform with mobile apps, marketing, data, web technology and continuous innovation. The platform had over 100 million app logins with 2 billion photo views in the past 12 months.

Smarter Agent gives its team freedom to move fast and spin up what they need for prototyping and testing.  However, this can result in cost creep and creates a burden on the infrastructure team to manage AWS costs. FittedCloud gives Smarter Agent a prioritized view of cost-saving opportunities in its AWS infrastructure, reducing the team’s time to manage and quickly pinpoint the top money-saving changes in its AWS infrastructure.  Smarter Agent Mobile believes FittedCloud helped it reduce its AWS costs by over 20%.

Smarter Agent is in the third generation of its cloud journey and has adopted multiple AWS services including EC2, EBS, DynamoDB, S3, ELB, VPC, Lambda, Route 53, and SNS. “Our workload fluctuates. At any time, it is running over 50 instances with some services auto-scaled based on load. We have over 50 TB of allocated storage, growing fast as we move to an analytics-driven business. Real estate is an image-intensive business and Smarter Agent’s resizing farm does several hundred transactions per second – 5 billion per year.  Some of our databases turn in impressive IOPS #’s, with up to 15K sustained IOPS at peak each day.


AWS cost management is part of our capacity planning and it had been done in cycles in the past. Like most companies, Smarter Agent Mobile valued agility and development speed so it focused on deployment first and optimization later. They had used a variety of tools to manage costs.  “With FittedCloud, Smarter Agent found cost savings more easily and uncovered savings we had missed as well”, said Eric Blumberg, Founder/CTO of Smarter Agent Mobile.

There were multiple capabilities Smarter Agent likes about FittedCloud, per Eric:

  • The recommendations through advisories are accurate and precise. Other tools highlight under-used resources but FittedCloud provided the right recommendations and the actions to be taken.
  • The prioritized list of optimizations let us focus on the largest cost savings first.
  • The software is easy to use and implementation is a breeze.