How to shrink EBS root volumes in AWS – with just one click

Reducing a EBS root volume in size has always been a pain point for AWS users.  Many EC2 instances are created with oversized root volumes which leads to waste, not only to the root volumes themselves but also their derivatives such as snapshots and backups.  There hasn’t been an easy way for users to reduce root volume size.  Users are stuck with either paying for over provisioned root volumes or having to resort to complex and error-prone steps to manually converting them to smaller sized volumes.  We are excited to introduce a new feature that can help users reduce cost by reducing  EBS  root volume size with a click of a mouse from our SaaS Web user interface.

Launching a Root Volume Resize Job

  • Login to the FittedCloud web interface.
  • The root volume resize UI is under Automation->EBS Capacity RightSizing->Managed.
  • Selecting one of the managed EC2 instances will bring up a list of EBS volumes attached to the instance.
  • Select the root volume (/dev/xvda) and click the “Root Volume Resize” button.
  • The New Root EBS Volume dialogue will pop up.

  • Enter the new reduced size (e.g. 4GB) for the root EBS volume and click Resize to launch the resize job.
  • When the resize job finishes (completion time depends on the size of the root volume) the instance will be restarted with the resized root volume.

We hope you find this feature useful.  Please register your account on FittedCloud website if you are interested in giving it a try. For those who have questions please contact FittedCloud support ( Our support team will answer all of your questions and also assist you in downloading and installing the software.