An Open Source Tool Using AWS Cost Explorer APIs for Reporting RI Recommendations, RI Coverage

In my last blog post, I introduced Cost Reporter, An Open Source tool using AWS Cost Explorer APIs for Reporting AWS Costs.  The Cost Reporter utility could be use to report cost information about your AWS environment.

I received requests from customers to expand this utility to support RI recommendations and RI coverage. This blog expands on the features of Cost Reporter by providing RI recommendations and RI coverage in the AWS CostExplorer API.

Reservation Purchase Recommendations (from the AWS documentation)

  • Gets recommendations for which reservations to purchase.
  • These recommendations could help you reduce your costs.
  • Reservations provide a discounted hourly rate (up to 75%) compared to On-Demand pricing.

AWS generates your recommendations by identifying your On-Demand usage during a specific time period and collecting your usage into categories that are eligible for a reservation.

After AWS has these categories, it simulates every combination of reservations in each category of usage to identify the best number of each type of RI to purchase to maximize your estimated savings.

Reservation Coverage

  • Retrieves the reservation coverage for your account.
  • Allows you to see how much of your Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon ElastiCache, Amazon Relational Database Service, or Amazon Redshift usage is covered by a reservation.
  • An organization’s master account can see the coverage of the associated member accounts.

You can download the Cost Reporter tool here:

IMPORTANT!  The syntax for using the tool has changed a bit.  I apologize to anyone currently using the Cost Reporter in a script, but this newest update is not backwards compatible.  Fortunately, the changes are minor. The main difference is that a command must be specified as the first argument to the program.  Valid values are “cost”, which results in the original functionality, “recommend”, which provides reservation purchase recommendations, and “coverage”, which shows the reservation coverage.  For more information, run the program with the -h or –help option.

To retrieve cost data using the “cost” command:

To retrieve reservation recommendations using the “recommend” command:

To retrieve reservation coverage using the “coverage” command:

This open-source tool adds to our continuing list of open-source software we make available at FittedCloud:

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