FittedCloud joins AWS Partner Network (APN) as Technology Partner and offers solutions on AWS Marketplace

FittedCloud expanding its reach by joining APN & AWS Marketplace providing its solutions in the Marketplace

Acton, MA <November 7th, 2016> – FittedCloud, a leading provider of machine learning based Dynamic Resource Optimization solutions for public clouds announces today that it has joined the AWS Partner Network as a Technology Partner. FittedCloud solutions are now available on the AWS Marketplace. They are also available at

“This partnership will allow us to reach out to more AWS customers in order to serve their optimization needs. Being part of the AWS Marketplace ensures that AWS customers will have easier access to our cost saving solutions. “

-Prakash Manden, Co-Founder, FittedCloud

The following machine learning-based optimization solutions are available today. All Fittedcloud solutions are software based and can be implemented either on site or in a SaaS/Hosted environment.

DynamoDB Optimization

FittedCloud’s DynamoDB optimization solution predicts application usage patterns of DynamoDB tables based on past history and “autotunes” capacity provisioning based on actual application load. For more information visit:

Compute Optimization

FittedCloud’s Compute Optimization enables the rightsizing of compute resources as well as the scheduling of EC2 instances.

For more information visit:

EBS Optimization

FittedCloud’s EBS Optimizer monitors your environment and automatically and transparently matches provisioning with utilization.  

For more information visit:

Actionable Advisories

Actionable Advisories notifies users of possible optimization opportunities and more importantly allows them to take immediate action to execute the notified recommendations.  For more information visit:

Key Benefits of FittedCloud Solutions

  • Significant reduction in infrastructure cost by identifying the actual need of applications and provisioning the needed amount of resources
  • Improved IT operational efficiencies through automation
  • Enhanced management of application disruption risks with improved visibility and the elimination of the error-prone manual operations often seen in large scale cloud environments

Key Features include

  • Machine learning based optimization which is dynamic and real-time
  • Actionable advisories to notify possible optimization opportunities and a one-click action to execute on those recommendations
  • Automatic and transparent with no application disruption
  • Intuitive and easy to use web-based GUI
  • Support for popular Linux OS environments

The pricing structure for FittedCloud solutions is transparent and simple. It is based on a percentage of savings provided to the customer. It is calculated hourly and aggregated over time and billed on a monthly basis.

To learn more about these new solutions, pricing, and deployment models visit the website at

About FittedCloud: FittedCloud is a leading provider of Dynamic Resource Optimization solutions driven by machine learning for Public Cloud. FittedCloud Dynamic Optimization solutions help customers reduce public cloud infrastructure costs significantly by making sure that resource provisioning matches application utilization. FittedCloud solutions achieve this transparently, automatically and optimally with no or very little user action or application disruption. FittedCloud vision is to help customers realize the potential of public cloud as a truly elastic platform.