FittedCloud introduces new Dynamic Resource Optimization solutions for AWS based on Machine Learning

DynamoDB Optimization and newly enhanced Compute Optimization solutions using machine learning algorithms to provide real-time intelligence & optimization based on usage patterns

Acton, MA <October 11th, 2016> – FittedCloud, leading provider of Dynamic Resource Optimization solutions for public clouds announces today the launch of  machine learning based optimization solutions for AWS DynamoDB Optimization as well as enhancement to its earlier announced Compute Optimization solutions. All of FittedCloud solutions are software-based and is available at

“As Cloud deployments grow, it will become increasingly difficult to manage cloud resources from a cost/performance optimization point of view. Customers may not have the resources or full insights into their environments to manually analyze and optimize these resources. Dynamic Resource Optimization based on machine learning is clearly the way to go. While other comparable offerings attempt to produce recommendations, FittedCloud actually takes actions to produce savings. FittedCloud’s dynamic, transparent, machine learning based approach ensures optimum resource allocation with no user action or application disruption”                                         –

-Yekesa Kosuru, VP Engineering, DataXu

The new DynamoDB resource optimization solution uses machine learning algorithms to predict applications usage patterns of DynamoDB tables based on past history. It autotunes capacity provisioning based on application load helping customers to cut down AWS cost significantly. The automation provides increased productivity to users as they do not have to constantly monitor and change the capacity provisioning manually. Key features of the solution include:

  • Both machine learning and user specified schedule based optimization
  • Capacity adjustments based on CloudWatch alerts of excessive utilization
  • Completely lights out operations
  • Visualization of provisioned vs consumed capacity per table
  • Dashboard and reports for easy visualization along with cost savings reports

“Maximizing cloud resource utilization is a key responsibility of a DevOps organization, in current cloud deployments.  It is not easy to constantly right size your deployment, and can often be very time consuming.  FittedCloud EBS Solutions helps ensure maximum utilization rates of EBS volumes, leading to immediate cost savings without application disruption/downtime or ongoing maintenance.”                       

– Nick Laferriere, DevOps Engineer, Tamr

The Compute Optimization solution continues to provide rightsizing instances based on application usage. The enhancement to Compute Optimization solutions include following capabilities:

User-Defined EC2 Scheduling/Optimization: This feature allows customers to specify simple schedule that should be used to manage power of instances. Policies/schedules can be associated with instance  groups.

Machine Learned EC2 Scheduling/Optimization:  Historical idle times are analyzed and schedule policies are recommended to users using machine learning algorithms. Policies are generated based on utilization patterns. Users can activate power management recommendations using just a few clicks. Software continues to monitor activities of the instances to adapt to real time changes in usage patterns.

Actionable Advisories: This functionality notifies users of possible optimization opportunities and allows them to take immediate actions to execute on those recommendations. This option provides full control to the customers with all the added value of Dynamic resource optimization. Advisory is in the form of daily report on compute utilization along with recommendations to terminate, switch, delete, take snapshot etc.

FittedCloud is currently focused on providing Dynamic Resource Optimization solution for Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources.

“As customers move mission critical applications, including database applications to AWS, it is important to pay attention to optimization of resource allocations. Customers need solutions that offer easy migration to public clouds and an assurance that ongoing resource needs will be managed efficiently and optimally. FittedCloud’s machine learning based Dynamic Resource Optimization has the potential to address this need”            

-Vice President at the leading MSP for AWS platform in the US

All FittedCloud solutions can be deployed in two modes: SaaS/Hosted or Enterprise. Both the models are extremely secure and vetted and they are identical from technology and feature/functionality perspective.

The pricing structure for FittedCloud solutions is transparent and simple. It is based on percentage of savings provided to the customer with some exceptions. It is calculated on an hourly basis and aggregated over time and billed on a monthly basis.

To learn more about these new solutions, pricing, and deployment model visit the website at