FittedCloud Announces the Launch of Dynamic Cloud Resource Optimization Solutions

FittedCloud Announces the Launch of Dynamic Cloud Resource Optimization Solutions

Initial Solution Set Focused on Optimizing AWS EBS and EC2 resources

June 28 Acton, MA- FittedCloud announces the launch of its Dynamic Cloud Resource Optimization solutions with initial focus on optimizing Amazon Web Services’ (AWS)  Storage (EBS) and Compute (EC2) resources. The software-based solution is available today and can be downloaded at

“FittedCloud was founded with a vision to help our customers realize the true potential of public cloud – a truly elastic platform. Our patent pending technology optimizes public cloud resources automatically and transparently reducing cloud infrastructure cost by over 50 percent” said Prakash Manden, co-founder at FittedCloud. “Initial customer reaction has been very positive and they feel Dynamic Optimization will really solve the problem of over-provisioning of cloud resources in their organizations.”

Over-provisioning IT resources continues to be a big challenge for organizations that leverage public cloud infrastructure. Right sizing of resources to meet  application performance and capacity requirements is not an easy task. Customers tend to over-provision storage and compute resources to avoid peak load service degradation and to reduce the need for repeated capacity adjustments. According to leading industry research, cloud resources are over provisioned by a factor of  two or three. For these resources, Public cloud providers charge their customers based on provisioned capacity, resulting in wasted spending. Currently available solutions monitor their usage and show the health of cloud infrastructure, and mostly only identify and recommend possible optimizations. Once identified, the burden of realizing these recommended optimizations is on the IT operations team. This manual activity becomes tedious and error prone.

Public clouds are transforming the way businesses deploy their applications, making cost management of cloud infrastructure a big challenge. FittedCloud has delivered a unique solution for dynamic cloud resource management that helps customers automatically avoid over-provisioning while ensuring that applications demands are always met. I’m delighted to work again with Prakash and the FittedCloud team. They have a demonstrated track record of delivering unique and high quality storage and computing solutions”              

– Duncan McCallum, Adviser FittedCloud

FittedCloud addresses this problem: An automated SaaS solution, dynamically optimizes Cloud Infrastructure resources as per application needs.

Leading Industry research analysts predict 25% of large enterprises will implement dynamic optimization technology to manage public cloud costs  by 2020 up from less than 1% now. Dynamic optimization is set to  become a market category by itself.

“Public Cloud providers’ guidance on selecting the best instance type, sizing, and storage rests largely on customers ability to predict resource needs. Choosing the right cloud resources to ensure application performance is a customer responsibility. FittedCloud solution compliments VMTurbo solutions, to ensure customer applications perform at optimum levels while ensuring that only necessary resources are provisioned resulting in significantly reduced cost and better cloud resource management”

– Endre Sara, VP Advanced Solutions Development, VMTurbo.

 Key Benefits

1) Reduce cost of cloud infrastructure resources by identifying the real need of applications and provisioning right amount of resources.

2) Increase efficiency of IT operations through dynamic and transparent automation  

3) Eliminates error prone manual operation while managing large scale cloud environments

4) Manage risk of application disruptions with proper visibility and management of infrastructure resources.

Key Features:

–       Dynamic provisioning of storage and compute resources

–       Transparent and non-intrusive to applications

–       Support for new and existing environments

–       Support for popular Linux Operating Systems

–       Ease of use through Web based GUI or CLI

–       Reporting tools to provide full visibility into utilization and cost

FittedCloud provides a simple and easy solution for managing resources in large scale cloud environments. Transparent sizing of AWS EBS volumes and completely automated solution is impressive from cost savings as well as technical perspective.”

-Mayank Ahuja, Director of Engineering, Qubole

Availability & Pricing:

Dynamic Cloud Resource Optimization is available today for AWS EBS and AWS AC2 resources.  Pricing is based on cost savings achieved using the solution. For more information please go to website or contact us at