FittedCloud Announces Machine Learning Driven Cloud Cost Optimization for Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS)

By adding RDS support to its cloud cost optimization solution, customers can automatically control and optimize a range of AWS services, from infrastructure to platform, reducing costs up to 50%.

Acton, MA. — FEBRUARY 7, 2018 — FittedCloud, the leading provider of machine learning based cloud cost optimization software announces today the addition of Amazon RDS support to its industry-leading solution. With RDS support, FittedCloud extends its lead in the optimization of AWS platform and infrastructure services using machine learning. FittedCloud also announces new actionable advisories for four AWS services: Lambda, Autoscaling, ElasticSearch, and ElasticCache, providing customers with more opportunities to reduce their AWS infrastructure cost.

“Ticketmaster’s cloud optimization practice is adding more tactics and strategies to provide cost savings insights on the types and kinds of services in use,” said Brent Eubanks, VP Technology Optimization, Ticketmaster. “These additional tactics are accretive which promote new layers of enterprise value in how our Product teams use and buy cloud. FittedCloud has identified significant savings potential annually by modeling our EBS storage, RDS, DynamoDB, and Lambda services behavior patterns via machine learning algorithms and narrow task AI event triggers we jointly developed. Value has already been achieved and expect continued success from the teams working together in 2018.”

Using its patented Dynamic Resource Optimization (DRO) technology, FittedCloud automatically and transparently helps customers optimize their RDS resources. The solution constantly monitors the customer’s RDS resource utilization history and adjusts resources to match application needs. Intelligent machine learning algorithms identify optimization opportunities that IT managers can implement using FittedCloud’s lights-out automated provisioning or one-click actionable advisories. In either case, provisioning changes are transparent and non-intrusive, with minimal user intervention, application disruption, or performance degradation.

Together with FittedCloud’s infrastructure optimization capabilities, RDS support enables customers to control and optimize all the major components in a typical cloud-based business application, from compute and storage to database resources.

Actionable Advisories are a semi-automatic cost optimization feature that alerts customers to potential cost optimization opportunities and enables them to take immediate action with one click. New actionable advisories include:

  • Overprovisioned ElasticCache Clusters
  • Overprovisioned ElasticSearch Clusters
  • Underutilized Autoscale groups
  • Overprovisioned EC2 Lambda functions

ElasticCache and ElasticSearch advisories monitor cluster utilization, the Auto-Scaling Group advisory identifies over provisioned auto scaling groups based on historical CPU utilization and the Lambda advisory identifies overprovisioned memory based on usage patterns. Together, they enable customers to reduce costs and optimize resources.

“FittedCloud cloud optimization solutions provide substantial cost reduction in AWS infrastructure,” said Anuj Jaitley VP Business Development and Cloud Success, BlazeClan Technologies. “We have been working together for past few months and I am excited to see these new additions around Amazon RDS services, which will help our customers further optimize their AWS Infrastructure.”

All FittedCloud solutions are deployable in one of two modes: SaaS/Hosted or Enterprise. The company’s pricing structure is transparent and simple. Please Contact us for more information.

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