How to identify and optimize over-provisioned ElasticSearch Instances

Amazon Elasticsearch Service is a fully managed service that delivers Elasticsearch’s easy-to-use APIs and real-time analytics capabilities alongside the availability, scalability, and security that production workloads require. It is easy to set up, operate and scales easily. AWS manages the … Read More

Six new features that help reduce AWS spend announced at reInvent 2017

AWS continues to dominate the public cloud space with ever impressive products, services and their announcements seem to accelerate pace every year during reInvent. As usual, at reInvent 2017 AWS announced major products and features across a broad spectrum of … Read More

Using Efficiency Metrics to Monitor Public Cloud Costs

In a previous blog, How to Measure Resource Cost Efficiency in Public Clouds, we proposed several metrics to measure cost efficiency in public clouds, including resource utilization, service utilization, cost efficiency, and cost saving efficiency. While resource utilization and service … Read More

Machine-learning driven Optimization outperforms Auto Scaling in DynamoDB capacity management

DynamoDB is a fully managed, high performance, highly scalable NoSQL database service offered by AWS.  DynamoDB offers virtually unlimited performance and storage capacity and supports dynamic scaling. One of the challenges with using DynamoDB is provisioning read/write capacity. Under provisioning … Read More

How to get around the 8GB limit on root volumes in AWS?

  On AWS, when an EC2 instance is first launched its root volume size is determined by the AMI’s backing snapshot.  For example, an Amazon Linux AMI will result in a 8GB root volume being created.  At launch, the root … Read More

How to shrink EBS root volumes in AWS – with just one click

Reducing a EBS root volume in size has always been a pain point for AWS users.  Many EC2 instances are created with oversized root volumes which leads to waste, not only to the root volumes themselves but also their derivatives … Read More

Tag based Resource-Level Permissions and User Management

We are happy to announce that we just released a new feature that allows customers to create tag based users in our machine learning driven AWS cloud optimization solution. FittedCloud has already been providing flexible user management and multi-tenant support … Read More

Designing Scalable, Available, High-Performance Systems on Public Clouds for Reduced Cost

A few years back, our engineering team was trying to build a distributed cache which was a big challenge. The reason is that each node needs to be aware of the state of the entire system. Protocols such as Write … Read More

How to Measure Resource Cost Efficiency in Public Clouds

Public Clouds offer a broad set of products and services including compute, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, and enterprise applications. These services offer a pay-as-you-go approach; customers only pay for the services they consume. Such services are often referred to … Read More

FittedCloud Assigned Patent on Public Cloud Cost Optimization

We are excited to announce that FittedCloud just received another patent on transparent and automated optimization of storage resource allocation in a cloud services system.The newly issued patent further solidifies FittedCloud’s thought and market leadership in public cloud cost optimization. … Read More

FittedCloud Adds Anomaly Detection to AWS Cost Management Solutions

New Capability Uses Sophisticated Machine Learning Algorithms to Detect and Alert Customers When Cloud Resource Provisioning Deviates from the Norm   BOSTON – June 26, 2017 – FittedCloud, a leading provider of cost management solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS) … Read More

Real-Time Anomaly Detection – Protect yourself from malicious spend attacks on clouds

As stated in our previous blogs, FittedCloud applies many kinds of AI-driven algorithms to analyze contextual data and behaviors in your Cloud environment to identify opportunities to optimize system’s performance, increase resource utilization, and reduce your total cost. In this … Read More

FittedCloud Enhances Actionable Advisories to Help Enterprise Customers and MSPs save More in AWS Cloud

We are excited to announce  many enhancements to FittedCloud’s popular Actionable Advisories, which are integral to our AWS Cost Optimization solution. FittedCloud offers both semi-automated and fully automated cloud resource optimization. Actionable Advisories, which are our semi-automated cost optimization feature, … Read More

FittedCloud Achieves Advanced Technology Partner Status in the AWS Partner Network

Elevated Status Enables Public Cloud Cost Optimization Solution Provider to Expand Its Reach with Enterprise Customers and Managed Service Providers Acton – May 30th, 2017 – FittedCloud, a leading provider of machine learning based public cloud cost optimization solutions, today … Read More

Automation – Moving Beyond Visibility and Insights to Optimize Public Cloud Costs

You fly into an airport, call a taxi, get in and look up to tell the driver where to go only to notice that there is no driver. It’s a driverless car.  If that scenario were to happen today, I … Read More

Cost Optimization in Public Clouds – What is Visibility, Insights, Automation and why?

Last week was a phenomenal week for Cloud Computing. The top three cloud service providers had their quarterly earnings calls and emphasized that cloud was the key catalyst for their growth. Amazon Web Services, the market leader, recorded Q1 revenue … Read More

FittedCloud Announces Enhanced Public Cloud Cost Optimization Solutions to Provide Greater Visibility, Insights and Automation

New free version provides cost reporting with limited advisories capabilities We are excited to announce that many new capabilities have been added to our machine learning driven public cloud cost optimization solutions. The enhanced solutions continuously monitor your AWS resource … Read More

A Machine Learning Approach for Amazon EBS IOPS Optimization

Elastic Block Store (EBS) is an AWS service providing raw block-level storage volume that can be attached to Amazon EC2 instances. There are two major categories: SSD-backed storage and HDD-backed storage. The performance of SSD-backed storage for transactional workloads such … Read More

FittedCloud’s Enhanced Amazon EC2 and EBS Optimization Solutions Reduce Cloud Infrastructure Costs by Up to 50 Percent

FittedCloud’s Enhanced Amazon EC2 and EBS Optimization Solutions Reduce Cloud Infrastructure Costs by Up to 50 Percent New machine learning algorithms and comprehensive views of AWS environments provide customers real-time intelligence and options to optimize their cloud infrastructures ACTON, Mass. … Read More

400,000+ IOPS on an 8 GB gp2 volume?

While coding FittedCloud’s open-source EBS Cost Analyzer tool ( I noticed some peculiar values for IOPS when fetching CloudWatch statistics for the maximum values of the VolumeReadOps and VolumeWriteOps metrics.  Specifically, I noticed an 8GB gp2 volume, which is capped … Read More