Apptio, Inc. Acquires Machine Learning Cloud Optimization Company FittedCloud

Apptio, Inc. Acquires Machine Learning Cloud Optimization Company FittedCloud Move Adds Depth into Cloud Utilization and Optimization Across Top Public Cloud Providers for CIOs and CFOs BELLEVUE, Wash., Oct. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Apptio, Inc. (NASDAQ: APTI), the business management system of record for hybrid … Read More

Create an AMI with reduced size root volume to save cost

AWS has democratized IT infrastructure so today any individuals can start a nimble company with near zero upfront capital investment. While I love AWS so much I still routinely find things that could be, and should have been, improved.  One … Read More

Reducing AWS Spend Using Machine Learning Driven EC2 Instance Type Switching

In this blog, we will present a new feature of machine learning based “EC2 Instance Type Switching” through which all possible underutilized instances can be identified and appropriate “fitted” instance types are recommended to help reduce wasted AWS spend. Users … Read More

Real-Time Anomaly Detection – Protect yourself from malicious spend attacks on clouds

As stated in our previous blogs, FittedCloud applies many kinds of AI-driven algorithms to analyze contextual data and behaviors in your Cloud environment to identify opportunities to optimize system’s performance, increase resource utilization, and reduce your total cost. In this … Read More

Seven Reasons Why RightSizing AWS EBS Capacity Is Hard

Right-sizing EBS volumes can provide a handsome return on investment. The reason is simple: AWS charges for provisioned capacity, not consumed capacity, and almost all AWS customers over-provision their EBS volumes. In our experience, the average amount of unused storage … Read More

8 New Features Recently Announced by AWS That Help Reduce Spend

We’re always on the alert for new angles to save money on cloud services, which is often exciting and sometimes challenging, considering the pace at which providers introduce new services. AWS continues to announce new features on a daily basis … Read More

AWS EBS Performance – Confused?

  Updated on May 15, 2018 AWS EBS performance is bit of a mystery to many customers, especially to those not familiar with many factors that impact storage performance. Often customers provision PIOPS EBS volumes to achieve guaranteed performance and … Read More

‘Optimize CPUs for AWS EC2 instances’ – A Cost Reduction Opportunity

AWS recently announced a feature called ‘Optimize vCPUs for EC2 Instances’. This new feature actually has two parts to it. Custom number of CPU cores Custom number of Threads per core With this new feature AWS now allows customers to … Read More

An Open Source Tool Using AWS Cost Explorer APIs for Reporting RI Recommendations, RI Coverage

In my last blog post, I introduced Cost Reporter, An Open Source tool using AWS Cost Explorer APIs for Reporting AWS Costs.  The Cost Reporter utility could be use to report cost information about your AWS environment. I received requests … Read More

FittedCloud Offers Its Automated Cost Optimization Solutions In AWS Marketplace

FittedCloud Streamlines Purchase and Deployment of Its Powerful Automated AWS Cost Optimization Solutions ACTON, MA – April 18, 2018 – FittedCloud, a leading provider of machine learning-based cloud cost optimization software, announces today the availability of its solutions in Amazon … Read More

An Open Source tool using AWS Cost Explorer APIs for Reporting AWS Costs

The AWS Console provides users with a UI to access spend the data. Many users use third party tools to generate detailed reports and slice and dice spend data in a manner more appropriate for their environments. In order to … Read More

AWS EBS Optimization Use Case: Migrating from LVM

AWS EBS Optimization Use Case: Migrating from LVM Traditionally a UNIX file system capacity is rigid, usually determined at its creation time, and not easily stretchable.  This has largely improved since as most modern Linux file systems can be grown … Read More

FittedCloud Named an IDC Innovator in Data Services for Hybrid Cloud

Leading Analyst Firm recognizes FittedCloud as one of the Vendors with a Groundbreaking Approach to an Existing Issue and/or New Business Model Acton, MA – MARCH 19, 2018 – FittedCloud, the leading provider of machine learning based cloud cost optimization … Read More

Achieving significant cost savings using machine learning in elastic public clouds – A cost savings analysis

For many years, traditional information technology (IT) departments are required to build and maintain IT infrastructures (e.g., servers, networks, etc.) and services (e.g., data base management, email, technique issue solving, etc.) to support the company’s business. It is also known … Read More

An Open Source Tool to analyze wasted EBS capacity in your AWS environment

While AWS CloudWatch provides many useful storage statistics by default, such as the number of bytes written or read during a period of time, reads/writes per second, etc. a common metric customers want to know about is disk utilization. How … Read More

How to reduce the size of EBS Windows boot volume in AWS?

In a previous blog I demonstrated the steps to reduce the root EBS volume size of a Amazon Linux EC2 instance.  Recently I have been asked to do it on a Windows Server instance. With minor tweaks to the steps … Read More

A Simple script to implement AWS EC2 TTL (Time to Live)

In dynamic cloud environments, customers often spin up resources for short lived workloads. This is a common practice especially in dev/test environments. The problem is these resources are often forgotten after the tests are complete, resulting in wasted spending with … Read More

A Simple Open Source Tool for EC2 RightSizing Analysis

AWS provides a range of monitoring and reporting tools for analyzing resource utilization data at an individual EC2 instance level. However, it is difficult for customers to digest a large amount of information in order to reach meaningful conclusions in … Read More

7 Simple Steps To Reduce AWS RDS Spend

RDS is a managed relational database service offered by AWS. RDS enables any service to access a maintenance-free elastic relational database, at least maintenance-free from user’s perspective. The up-front engineering effort is minimal for any project to use a relational … Read More

FittedCloud Announces Machine Learning Driven Cloud Cost Optimization for Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS)

By adding RDS support to its cloud cost optimization solution, customers can automatically control and optimize a range of AWS services, from infrastructure to platform, reducing costs up to 50%. Acton, MA. — FEBRUARY 7, 2018 — FittedCloud, the leading … Read More