AWS RDS Optimization

The FittedCloud RDS optimization solution helps customers reduce costs by automatically and transparently optimizing their AWS RDS resources.

Cloud managers often struggle to align RDS resources with application workloads. Each RDS instance must be configured with the proper storage capacity and network connections needed to deliver optimal application performance. Many organizations overestimate their RDS resource requirements and incur significantly more costs than necessary. In addition, workloads can vary based on seasonality, business cycles and other factors. What IT managers need is a way to constantly monitor and adjust RDS resources to ensure optimum application performance at the lowest possible cost.

FittedCloud provides an automated, machine learning-driven solution for optimizing AWS RDS resources. It continuously monitors and analyzes resources to identify underutilized capacity that unnecessarily increases AWS spending. It offers multiple options for adjusting capacity, from lights-out automated provisioning to actionable advisories that enable Cloud managers to control resource adjustments.

Actionable Advisories

RDS Actionable Advisories alert Cloud managers to cost optimization opportunities with clickable actions. It identifies over-provisioned database instance types, storage capacity, performance utilization, database connections and more. Machine learning algorithms analyze utilization patterns and recommend optimum provisioning schedules. Cloud managers can simply click on an advisory to take action and achieve significant cost savings.

Machine Learning-Driven RDS Optimization

In many environments, RDS workloads can vary below their peak utilization while provisioned resources remain constant. This results in wasted spending during off-peak intervals. FittedCloud machine learning algorithms detect RDS usage patterns and identify resource provisioning schedules that optimize utilization. This can reduce cost up to 70%. With a single click, FittedCloud recommendations can be converted to RDS provisioning execution schedules and continuous monitoring ensures resources are aligned..

Policy-Driven RDS Optimization

Cloud managers can configure their own FittedCloud provisioning policies. This is ideal for RDS workloads with predictable usage patterns. It provides control over RDS instance start/stop times and changes to instance types. While there is no machine learning intelligence in this mode, significant cost savings can still be achieved by making sure that RDS resources are right-sized and right-timed.

Key Features

Dashboard and reports visualize cost savings

Easy set up – One click management

Clickable actionable advisories or full automation

Completely lights out automation

Machine learning driven or user specified policies