AWS EBS Performance – Confused?

  Updated on May 15, 2018 AWS EBS performance is bit of a mystery to many customers, especially to those not familiar with many factors that impact storage performance. Often customers provision PIOPS EBS volumes to achieve guaranteed performance and … Read More

Dynamic Resource Optimization – Public Cloud Success Depends On It

Public Clouds have become phenomenally successful.  AWS alone targets to cross $16B in annual revenues in 2017.  On demand pricing model has been a very appealing idea to businesses. However it is becoming clear that on-demand cost model is really … Read More

Automation – Moving Beyond Visibility and Insights to Optimize Public Cloud Costs

You fly into an airport, call a taxi, get in and look up to tell the driver where to go only to notice that there is no driver. It’s a driverless car.  If that scenario were to happen today, I … Read More

AWS Elastic Volumes and FittedCloud EBS Optimizer

AWS released a new Amazon EBS feature called Elastic Volumes last year. This new feature supports the following capabilities. Dynamic capacity increase Dynamic IOPS changes (increase or decrease) Change volume types (for e.g. gp2 to st1 or sc1) All of … Read More

EBSMotion – Live migration of AWS EBS volumes

AWS EBS is a popular block storage solution used by applications that require reliable storage performance. AWS offers various types of EBS such as gp2, io1, st1, sc1 and magnetic. Each offer different performance and cost characteristics. Magnetic (based on … Read More

FittedCloud announces EBSMotion, live migration of AWS EBS Volumes

We are happy to announce ‘EBSMotion’, live migration of AWS EBS volumes.  EBSMotion allows customers to migrate AWS EBS volumes live from one EBS type to another with no application disruptions or configuration changes.  EBSMotion is offered as part of … Read More

Data Security in Public Clouds

Security has understandably been a concern for many customers adopting Public Clouds. However, this is becoming less of an issue, as public cloud providers are providing various capabilities to tighten security, allowing even customers with highest security requirements to move … Read More

AWS Elastic File System – A quick analysis

AWS Elastic File System – A quick analysis AWS recently announced EFS (Elastic File System), which is now available in three regions – Northern Virginia, Oregon and Ireland.  We thought it would be interesting to do a quick technical/cost analysis … Read More