A Simple Open Source Tool for EC2 RightSizing Analysis

AWS provides a range of monitoring and reporting tools for analyzing resource utilization data at an individual EC2 instance level. However, it is difficult for customers to digest a large amount of information in order to reach meaningful conclusions in … Read More

Simple AWS EC2 scheduler vs Machine Learning driven EC2 scheduler

AWS EC2 power ON/OFF Turning off EC2 instances when they are not in use is a simple and effective way of reducing AWS cost. It works especially well in environments such as development/test where EC2 instances are used only during … Read More

Tag based Resource-Level Permissions and User Management

We are happy to announce that we just released a new feature that allows customers to create tag based users in our machine learning driven AWS cloud optimization solution. FittedCloud has already been providing flexible user management and multi-tenant support … Read More

Designing Scalable, Available, High-Performance Systems on Public Clouds for Reduced Cost

A few years back, our engineering team was trying to build a distributed cache which was a big challenge. The reason is that each node needs to be aware of the state of the entire system. Protocols such as Write … Read More

FittedCloud Assigned Patent on Public Cloud Cost Optimization

We are excited to announce that FittedCloud just received another patent on transparent and automated optimization of storage resource allocation in a cloud services system.The newly issued patent further solidifies FittedCloud’s thought and market leadership in public cloud cost optimization. … Read More