About Us

FittedCloud was founded with a vision to help our customers realize the true potential of public cloud – a truly elastic platform.

FittedCloud’s Dynamic Cloud Optimization solutions help customers reduce their public cloud infrastructure costs significantly by ensuring that resource provisioning matches application utilization. FittedCloud solutions achieve this transparently, automatically and without any user intervention or application disruption.

Founded by a team of experienced software professionals with extensive infrastructure software development backgrounds. The founding team has over 75 years of software development experience, delivering numerous successful, world-class software products including many cloud based offerings. As cloud adoption has picked up momentum, it has become quite clear that managing resources in public cloud environments is a huge challenge, resulting in 2 to 3 times or more in wasted spending. FittedCloud’s primary goal is to eliminate waste and provide customers with a solution that enables them to easily manage and operate their public cloud infrastructure.

FittedCloud is headquartered in Acton, MA.