AWS EBS Optimization Use Case: Migrating from LVM

AWS EBS Optimization Use Case: Migrating from LVM Traditionally a UNIX file system capacity is rigid, usually determined at its creation time, and not easily stretchable.  This has largely improved since as most modern Linux file systems can be grown … Read More

FittedCloud Named an IDC Innovator in Data Services for Hybrid Cloud

Leading Analyst Firm recognizes FittedCloud as one of the Vendors with a Groundbreaking Approach to an Existing Issue and/or New Business Model Acton, MA – MARCH 19, 2018 – FittedCloud, the leading provider of machine learning based cloud cost optimization … Read More

Achieving significant cost savings using machine learning in elastic public clouds – A cost savings analysis

For many years, traditional information technology (IT) departments are required to build and maintain IT infrastructures (e.g., servers, networks, etc.) and services (e.g., data base management, email, technique issue solving, etc.) to support the company’s business. It is also known … Read More

An Open Source Tool to analyze wasted EBS capacity in your AWS environment

While AWS CloudWatch provides many useful storage statistics by default, such as the number of bytes written or read during a period of time, reads/writes per second, etc. a common metric customers want to know about is disk utilization. How … Read More