How to reduce the size of EBS Windows boot volume in AWS?

In a previous blog I demonstrated the steps to reduce the root EBS volume size of a Amazon Linux EC2 instance.  Recently I have been asked to do it on a Windows Server instance. With minor tweaks to the steps … Read More

A Simple script to implement AWS EC2 TTL (Time to Live)

In dynamic cloud environments, customers often spin up resources for short lived workloads. This is a common practice especially in dev/test environments. The problem is these resources are often forgotten after the tests are complete, resulting in wasted spending with … Read More

A Simple Open Source Tool for EC2 RightSizing Analysis

AWS provides a range of monitoring and reporting tools for analyzing resource utilization data at an individual EC2 instance level. However, it is difficult for customers to digest a large amount of information in order to reach meaningful conclusions in … Read More

7 Simple Steps To Reduce AWS RDS Spend

RDS is a managed relational database service offered by AWS. RDS enables any service to access a maintenance-free elastic relational database, at least maintenance-free from user’s perspective. The up-front engineering effort is minimal for any project to use a relational … Read More

FittedCloud Announces Machine Learning Driven Cloud Cost Optimization for Amazon Relational Database Services (RDS)

By adding RDS support to its cloud cost optimization solution, customers can automatically control and optimize a range of AWS services, from infrastructure to platform, reducing costs up to 50%. Acton, MA. — FEBRUARY 7, 2018 — FittedCloud, the leading … Read More

De-mystifying AWS Cloudwatch metrics for EBS IOPS

If you use AWS EBS extensively, I’m  sure you have often scratched your head trying to figure out its performance metrics. We wrote a couple of blogs (and see this) on this a while back and tried to explain why … Read More