Observations on Rightscale’s State of the Cloud Report for 2017

The recently published Rightscale 2017 State of the Cloud Report includes some very interesting findings. For the past few years I have looked forward to the publication of Rightscale’s annual report on the state of the cloud. The findings are … Read More

AWS Elastic Volumes and FittedCloud EBS Optimizer

AWS released a new Amazon EBS feature called Elastic Volumes last year. This new feature supports the following capabilities. Dynamic capacity increase Dynamic IOPS changes (increase or decrease) Change volume types (for e.g. gp2 to st1 or sc1) All of … Read More

FittedCloud AWS EBS Optimizer for Docker Containers

  As container technology matures and becomes widely accepted, users are increasingly looking for ways to share persistent data storage to satisfy their enterprise workloads such as stateful databases.  Docker and REX-Ray have both grown in popularity as useful solutions … Read More

An Open Source AWS EBS Cost Analyzer

When creating EBS volumes, it’s difficult to predict what will be required of them in the future.  The thought process goes like this: “How many volumes will I need?  What type of volume should I use?  How big should they … Read More