Feature Selection in Machine Learning for Dynamic Cloud Resource Optimization: Part I

Introduction Feature selection, also known as attribution selection or feature subset selection, is a very important process in data mining and analytics, which aims to select a subset of relevant and irredundant features for use. Its significance in machine learning … Read More

FittedCloud announces EBSMotion, live migration of AWS EBS Volumes

We are happy to announce ‘EBSMotion’, live migration of AWS EBS volumes.  EBSMotion allows customers to migrate AWS EBS volumes live from one EBS type to another with no application disruptions or configuration changes.  EBSMotion is offered as part of … Read More

Anomaly Detection in Dynamic Cloud Resource Optimization

So far we have presented several machine learning use cases at FittedCloud, including Adaptive Machine Learning for Cloud Resource Provisioning, Time Series Models for Forecasting Cloud Resource Provisioning, Capacity Optimization in AWS DynamoDB, and AWS EC2 Scheduling. In all these … Read More