Is it possible to use EBS gp2 instead of io1, achieve same performance and save 50%?

The answer is YES!  Read on to find out how you can potentially save 50% on your AWS EBS IO1 volumes, without losing any performance. If you are not familiar with various types of EBS volumes, please check this page … Read More

Learn How to Optimize AWS EBS Volumes to reduce cost – Part 2 (Performance – IO1)

This is the continuation of the blog series on ‘Learn How to optimize AWS EBS volumes’ to reduce cost. This blog will discuss optimizing Provisioned IOPS SSD volumes (IO1).  Capacity (gp2)  optimization was discussed in an earlier blog. EBS Provisioned … Read More

Adaptive Machine Learning for Cloud Resource Provisioning

Overview of Machine Learning During the past few decades, we have witnessed tremendous growths in the study of machine learning. Machine learning has been widely and successfully used in many practical systems to bring intelligence or smartness to the systems, … Read More

FittedCloud joins AWS Partner Network (APN) as Technology Partner and offers solutions on AWS Marketplace

FittedCloud expanding its reach by joining APN & AWS Marketplace providing its solutions in the Marketplace Acton, MA <November 7th, 2016> – FittedCloud, a leading provider of machine learning based Dynamic Resource Optimization solutions for public clouds announces today that … Read More

Learn How to optimize AWS EBS volumes to reduce cost – Part 1 (Capacity Optimization)

This is Part 1 of a series of blogs that will explain how various techniques can be applied to optimizing AWS EBS volumes to reduce cost.  As you may know there are 5 types of EBS volumes. GP2 – General … Read More

Machine Learning – Time Series Models for Forecasting Cloud Resource Provisioning

A time series is a series of data points indexed in time order, usually sampled at equally spaced points in time. Time series data can be unprocessed data sampled from continuous signals. For example, physiological signals such as ECG, PPG, … Read More