How to create thin provisioned AWS EBS volumes and save a ton!

We came across a blog that was published on August 29th on AWS Partner Network Blogs titled ‘How to Build Sparse EBS Volumes for Fun and Easy Snapshotting’.  A great article that describes how thin provisioned EBS volumes and optimized … Read More

Would you share your account credentials with your cloud management company?

The growing popularity of public clouds has created the need for enterprise level management that customers expect from their on-premise datacenters. If you are responsible for your company’s public cloud operations, you may turn to one of many cloud management … Read More

Automated Vertical Compute Optimization – Why is it needed and how it helps …

Recently we were in the market to purchase a car.  We are a family of four and sometimes we have parents visiting from India – staying with us for a couple of months.  I like smaller cars/SUV good for 4 … Read More

#AWSSummit, More PIOPS/GiB – An opportunity to reduce cost?

AWS announced today that number of IOPS provisioned per GiB (for io1 volumes) has been increased by 66%.  Until today, Provisioned IOPS (PIOPS) EBS volumes allowed 30 IOPS per GiB. So, if you needed 10,000 IOPS for your application, you … Read More

FittedCloud Installation – In less than 5 minutes!

One of the characteristics of a great software is that it is easy to install, configure and use. We at FittedCloud take this very seriously (having accomplished the same in various software solutions the team has collectively developed previously). This … Read More

FittedCloud AWS Cost savings calculator

“How much can we save using your software?” This is a questions we get often when we talk to our customers. There is always a mystery about the public cloud spending to begin with (being addressed by various third party … Read More