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How to Reduce Public Cloud Cost using Dynamic Resource Optimization
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The Power of FittedCloud


Case Study: dataxu Cages Untamed AWS Costs using FittedCloud

  • $200,000/year AWS infrastructure cost savings
  • Actionable advisories put Dataxu administrators in control
  • Rapid, automatic analysis identifies misaligned resources
  • Dataxu can adjust highest-cost issues in real-time

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Published Technical Paper: A Learning-based Cost Management System for Cloud Computing
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Dynamic Resource Optimization(DRO)

Dynamic Resource Optimization(DRO) is an approach that analyzes and executes optimization actions that are transparent and done in in post provisioned manner with minimal to no user interaction and workload downtime. DRO uses three components and combines results to help cloud users optimize their cost

  • Reactive: Looking at the utilization data real-time and identify the difference between provisioned and utilization and act as needed
  • Predictive: Using Machine learning to analyze past usage data and develop prediction algorithm for future use
  • User-driven Policies: Gather inputs through user-driven policies to further strengthen the optimization

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Machine Learning Driven Cost Optimization

Machine Learning Driven Cost Optimization

The fundamental premise of automation is based of Machine learning algorithms. FittedCloud analyzes utilization data from log reports like Cloud watch and directly from Server instances to predict resource utilization for future. These algorithms are adaptive learning models to support real-time changes in usage pattern. In this process, it also identifies anomalies and support for unexpected events.

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Analyst Feedback

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“When a vendor describes a problem we did not realize existed, we often wonder if the cure is any better than the disease. Or sometimes we don’t even agree with the vendor that the problem even exists, wondering if is this a product in search of a problem. This is one of those rare times when neither of those is the case. FittedCloud articulates an easy to understand the problem with a perfect motivator – paying too much. “

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