Published Technical Paper: A Learning-based Cost Management System for Cloud Computing
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Case Study: dataxu Cages Untamed AWS Costs using FittedCloud

  • AWS infrastructure consumes large portion of dataxu’s IT budget
  • Wasteful AWS spend wasn’t discovered using reports until too late
  • Building a home-grown cost-optimizing tool was unjustifiable
  • FittedCloud suggested changes for $200,000/year in savings
  • Email notifications from FittedCloud include actionable steps
  • Now rapidly fixing highest-cost issues when they occur using FittedCloud

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How to Reduce Public Cloud Cost using Dynamic Resource Optimization
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The Power of FittedCloud

Analyst Feedback

“When a vendor describes a problem we did not realize existed, we often wonder if the cure is any better than the disease. Or sometimes we don’t even agree with the vendor that the problem even exists, wondering if is this a product in search of a problem. This is one of those rare times when neither of those is the case. FittedCloud articulates an easy to understand the problem with a perfect motivator – paying too much. “

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Advisory of the week : Older EBS Volume snapshots

Actionable Advisories are our semi-automated cost optimization feature, alerting customers of potential cost optimization opportunities and allow them to take immediate actions via hot links.

This advisory checks for snapshots that are older than a specified number of days. This allows customers to ensure that any old snapshots that are no longer needed are identified and deleted. Supported actions are 1) Delete 2) Ignore.

This advisory is customizable and users may specify the age of the snapshot to make the recommendation.

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